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is a leading manufacturer of high-tech smart machines and solutions for the Glass units and Aluminum profile processing. Operating with great success for manufacturing a large range of machines, such as Aluminum Window Machinery, Glass Film Lamination Machine, Glass Edging Deletion Machine, Auto Glass Storage System and Glass Vacuum Lifter Equipment.DEMAC Invest in technology innovation and development, with the certified system operating a total quality system that is applied across the board on an everyday basis, by way of stringent control systems and precision workmanship. DEMAC made many changes during the years, by introducing new equipment and technology innovation for the production of window machinery and glass processing machine, and enlarging always more and more the premises.DEMAC offers numerous window machines and Glass processing equipment all characterized by user-friendly combined to high technological level, with cutting-edge technology, flexibility, and practical application. Software integrated application realized the high efficient processing and intelligent factory ERP management.

Why Choose DEMAC

After an established leadership on the China national territory, progressively DEMAC enlarge its business on the international market too, such as Asia, Europe and American marketProduce high-quality intelligent equipment with professional technology, and provide you with solutions for professional window door making machine, glass processing machine and solar PV aluminum frame processing machine.


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