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Aluminum Window Machine

DEMAC Aluminum Window Auxiliary Machine Improve the entire Aluminum Window Machine system, Aluminum Bending Machine, Hingle processing Machine, Mullion Screw Fastening Machine, Curtain Wall Machine.

  • Aluminum Bending Machine: Bending Aluminum Profile and Aluminum Tube. Servo system control.
  • Hingle Processing Machine: It is a special Aluminum Hingle Making machine, Auto cut, Auto boring.
  • Mullion Screw Fastening Machine: Automatic drilling holes and festening screw for processing Screw-joint Aluminum Window Door
  • Curtain Wall Machine: Vertical ACP grooving cutting machine

Aluminum Window Machine Auxiliary Machines help you to solve the problems of processing Aluminum Window Door and Curtain Wall. Tell us your demands, give you the suitable solution.

What is Aluminum Bending Machine?

Aluminum Bending Machine is a special machine for bending aluminum profile, aluminum tube, and other aluminum materials to meet production demands. DEMAC Aluminum Bending Machine can bending aluminum precision, to remain the material surface perfectly condition and min deformed cross-section. The processing range of Aluminum Bending Machine is wide, the min bending radius is small. Aluminum Bending Machine is an ideal choice for processing Aluminum profiles.

What are the Auxiliary machines of Aluminum Window Machine?

Auxiliary machine is the special Aluminum Window Machine that is not required by all customers but is essential for customers who have related processing needs

Length Stop is mainly used Aluminum Window Machine, it make the cutting more easily, making the standard single head cutting machine more automatic.
Hingle Making Machine is a special Aluminum Window Machine for making aluminum hingle.
Notching Saw is used to cut Large size profile, especially, the Aluminum Curtain Wall profile.
Aluminum Bending Machine is a special Aluminum Window Machine for making arch aluminum window door.
ACP Bending Machine and ACP Grooving Machine are Curtain wall making machine for processing ACP

What auxiliary machine do you need? Please let us know, we will recommend the suitable model to you.

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