How to improve glass handling efficient and usage of a factory space?

Nowadays glass processing equipment become more intelligent and automatic and machine become big and big, but factory space become more compact, so the ways to improve factory usage space and efficiency is most considered.


The Glass sheet storage mobile Rack, which is designed for the intelligent storage and efficient space using of glass storage, with a compact extend-retract structure easy fits the tightened factory area, each set glass storage rack can be movable on the rail track, which can be open and close by manual or electrical driving, if need working with one rack of glass, need open a rack and pick up the glass unit out from that rack.


For matching the efficiency of the automatic glass cutting machine, besides the concertina movement type, we also designed the drawer type auto storage racks, which is complete CNC servo driving control system for auto glass storage and application, equipped with a motorized mobile mover for auto pick each rack from the stock are to the cutting load area, which is fully controlled by the CNC order.


So we will contribute to completing the intelligent glass storage system for improving the glass processing application. Any questions about your glass mobile storage application pls contact us for the solutions!

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