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Glass Edging & Deletion Machine

Our Glass Edger are very easy to operate with high quality. All of the Glass Edge Polisher are with water spraying function to reduce dust during processing.

  • Sand Belt Type Glass Edger with water spraying can process different shapes of glass and can smooth glass edge and corner.
  • Diamond Wheels Type Glass Edge Polisher with water spraying can replace different wheels to polish glass edge to meet different production demands.
  • Glass Edging and Deletion Machine is the multi-function type. It can polish glass edge and delete Low-E film at one time.
  • Glass Low-E Film Deleting Machine is used to remove Low-E film coated on the surface of glass. It is easy to operate.

Glass Edger, is the necessary machine for processing glass. Choose one model to make your processing safety.

The introduction of the fast Glass Edge Polisher

When apply the window glass application, you can use the horizontal fast Glass Edger Machine to make glass edges sharp and smooth. With its universal wheel table and diamond grinding wheels, this Glass Edger is capable of processing various types of glass including architectural, Low-E, and appliance glass. Its grinding heads make the process quick and effective. This Glass Edger machine is ideal glass edging machine for sale, and It is capable of processing a glass with small or large dimension. The Glass Edger is a versatile machine that grinds the edge of the glass. Its dual grinding functions can be completed in one pass, with one of them providing rough and fine edging. The machine can also be fitted with a water spay system.

How to use the fast Glass Edge Polisher?

This Glass Edge Polisher is highly efficient in the processing of glass, as it can produce high-quality edges quickly and efficiently. The universal table can be with customized size for different size of glass, after loading the glass on the table, the universal wheel give more smooth, and operator easy move glass to the Glass Edger head. The Glass Edger head composed by the two sets diamond wheels with cross structure, which the grinding depth canbe adjustable according to the glass thickness. These machines are compact and versatile. Beside the Glass Edge Polisher function, it can even work with low-e glass with the film deleting. Depending on your needs, you can choose the working function, so it is a ideal tool for your daily fast production of glass grinding and deletion work.

Is the Glass Edger can do the polishing work?

Yes, due to the wider using structure, this Glass Edger canbe changed to a Glass Edge Polisher. By changing a vertical motor holder and a special forming wheel, the machine can do the fine polishing work, the same operation by manual fast moving glass on the universal table, Glass Edger give more efficient and perfect result for the glass polishing, more fit for the fast polishing of the middle and small glass sheet. with the compact structure and wide using scope, Glass Edge Polisher is the most portable Glass Edge Polishing Machine in the glass processing. Glass Edger is the best Glass Edge Polishing Machine for sale, more economical and efficient than the polishing lines.

How do you polish the edges of glass?

After the glass is cut, the glass needs to be edged before other processing. Doing so both protects workers from being cut by glass and protects equipment for extending its useful life.
Glass Edger is divided into two types: fine grinding and rough grinding. The rough Glass Edge Polisher Equipment is further divided into a Sand Belt Glass Edger and a Diamond Wheel Glass Edge Polisher. The Diamond Wheel Glass Edge Polisher can be used to achieve the effect of fine grinding by replacing and using different grinding wheels.
Sand Belt Glass Edger use one, two or three Abrasive Belts to smooth the edges of glass. Glass Edge Polisher can process square glass, special-shaped glass, round glass and other shapes of glass. Wide range of use and low price. It is the most basic Glass Edger.
Diamond Wheel Glass Edge Polisher is divided into single wheel and double wheel. The single-wheel Glass Edge Polisher can achieve different edging effects by replacing different wheels, such as forming wheels, BD wheels, etc. The double wheel Glass Edger is two wheels to polish the upper and lower edges of the glass at the same time. The diamond wheel Glass Edge Polisher is a relatively cost-effective equipment, which can meet the different requirements of customers and reduce the purchase cost of customer equipment

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