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Vacuum Lifter

We produce various types of Glass Lifting. The power supply is including Pneumatic, Electric Wire, Battery, and Manual. The Max. Lifting Weight Capacity is from 200kg to 5T, even more as customized. All the Sucker cups can be controlled separately.

  • Pneumatic type Suction Lifting: Many models for choosing. The Max. lifting weight capacity is from 200kg to 600kg. Different models have different Tilting and Rotary functions. According to different situations, can choose lifting by Air cylinder or Hoist.
  • Electric Wire type Suction Lifting: The Lifting weight capacity is from 500kg to 5T, accept customized. It can lift both flat glass and arch glass. Lifting depends on Electric hoist.
  • Battery type Vacuum Lifter: The Max. capacity is from 400kg to 5T, customized is available. Flat and Arch glass are both available. Electric hoist controls its lifting.
  • Manual type: Glass clamp for 500kg and 1000kg.

We have JIB crane, Gantry Crane, KBK Crane, and Handling Bar for Glass Lifting. All of these products can lift glass, mirror, steel plates, and so on.

What Application Of Vacuum Glass Lifting Equipment?

The Suction Lifting Equipment is a versatile tool that can lift glass, concrete, plasterboard, and steel plates with ease. Its compact design allows it to fit through a standard doorway and is ideal for use indoors. The Glass Lifting device is powered by compressed air or an electric vacuum pump. Depending on the size of the load, the Glass Lifting device can be stationary or adjustable longitudinally. Several features make it the most versatile tool for glass suction lifting.

Depending on your industry, the Glass Lifting Equipment can help you manage a variety of tasks, from stacking to moving. We have Glass Lifting Equipment for sale, including Suction Lifting device and sheet grippers. Each model offers ergonomic handling and is ideal for glass-related tasks. The Glass Suction Lifting Equipment tilts its load 180 degrees, which makes it easy to stack glass products. Our Glass Suction Lifting tools pick up glass sheets quickly and easily, while the Glass Lifting Equipment allows for ergonomic handling. Our Glass Lifting equipment has a range of suck to accommodate a wide variety of glass products.

How To Safety Lifting Glass?

The glass industry's ancient roots have led to the evolution of production processes. The rise of industry and modernization brought about increased productivity and automation. The Glass Suction Lifting Device is a tool that helps the industry lift and move glass safely. Glass Lifting is a delicate process that requires multiple rotations and tilts. Using Glass Lifting Equipment is the safest way to move or handle this delicate material. Its ergonomic design and double-vacuum circuit ensure a safe and efficient work environment.

Whether you are moving glass panels, or need a high-quality heavy Glass Lifting Equipment, there is a Glass Lifting Equipment to suit your needs. Choose from several models to suit your needs. Some are powered by hand pumps while others utilize a vacuum generator. Most Glass Lifting devices also come with adjustable industrial Suction Lifting cups and vacuum pads. For more convenience, choose one that has the appropriate attachments to lift heavy loads without putting undue strain on the operator.

How Benefit Of Making Insulating Glass Business?

Depending on the type of glass you're working with, a Glass Installation Lifting may be the best option for your business. Designed to move heavy loads in a safe manner, Glass Lifting tools are ideal for glazing operations. These models Suction Lifting device combine a combination of lifting, rotating, and tilting functions to provide safe and efficient operation. A Glass Lifting Equipment can also be fitted with an integrated self-test that checks the equipment's function during start-up, so you know Suction Lifting device will work efficiently.

What is Vacuum Glass Lifting?

The Glass Lifting equipment uses vacuum adsorption principle to grab the glass and carry out operations such as Suction Lifting, turning, rotating, and auxiliary installation. Glass Suction Lifting equipment is the necessary equipment in glass processing. Changing the structure and Suction Lifing cups of Glass Lifing Equipment can absorb different types of glass such as Flat Glass, Curved Glass, and Carved Glass, and so on.

How does a Glass Suction Lifting Device work?

The Glass Suction Lifting Device uses the principle of negative pressure to absorb glass. Negative pressure is generated by a vacuum generator. The Suction Lifting cups of  Glass Lifting Device are made of rubber. Widely used in glass processing, plate processing, stone processing and other related fields

What is pneumatic Glass Suction Lifting Device?

The working principle of the Glass Suction Lifting cup due to the special structure of the Glass Suction Lifting cup, a temporary closed space will be formed after contact with the glass. Then draw or thin the air in the confined space through pneumatic pipelines or certain devices. In this way, the air pressure inside the confined space is lower than the atmospheric pressure outside. As a result, there is a pressure difference between the inside and outside. The atmospheric pressure outside squeezes the object and the vacuum cup firmly together.

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