Smart Window Machine

The aluminum window & door and curtain wall is most used in the modern constructions, as well as in the high rise building, due various changes of the aluminum profile and constructions structure, gives more request on the processing equipment-window machine, we’d like to brief talk about the advantage of window machine in the construction windows application.

Nowadays with the development of the science and technology, the production of aluminum window and door has been changed, an intelligent processing concept entered into the window machine configuration. Integrated individual CNC machines with software system combined to be a smart line, so ERP management accomplish in the daily window and door production, with 5G internet connection, the information order canbe communicating from the office to the each stage of production. The window machine all characterized by user-friendly combined to high technological level, with cutting-edge technology, flexibility, and practical application.

We will go continuous invest on the window machine development by apply the smart technology.

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