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Thermal Break Assembly Machine

Thermal Break Assembly Machine is special equipment for processing heat-insulating aluminum profiles. We have common Thermal Break Aluminum Machine and Automatic Thermal Break Production Line to meet the needs of different customers.

  • Knurling Machine: Can knurling slot and feeding strip on one machine. CNC model can connect with auto profile conveyors and CNC Rolling Press Machine to make a production line. The positioning is exact. Can adjust the knurling position.
  • Rolling Press Machine: Can press the profile together after the feed strip to make them a whole thermal break profile. All the Rolling Wheels are adjustable for different sized profiles. CNC model can automatically adjust the position of rolling wheels.

Demac professional Thermal Break Aluminum Machine can meet your different production demands. All of the machines adopt reasonable design and best components to ensure processing strength and quality.

What is Thermal Break Assembly Machine?

Thermal Break Aluminum Machine is professional machine for making Aluminum Thermal Break Profile. The making steps are knurling groove on aluminum profile, feeding plastric strip in the groove, pressing the profile and strip together. Thermal Break Aluminum Machine can process large-sized thermal break profile and special-shaped thermal break profile.

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