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Glass Film Lamination Machine

Glass Film Lamination Machine is one of the hot-selling machines in our factory, We are the professional Glass Film Laminating Manufacturer in China. Our Glass Film Laminating Machine can apply film on almost all flat panels, such as Glass, Mirror, Stove Glass, ACP, Plastic sheets, etc. Special shapes of flat panels are also available.

  • The manual type is an economic type for choosing
  • Auto Cut-off type can save worker costs, and more easy to use when processing large-sized glass.
  • Exact Cut type is more advanced, it can cut off film at exact position. Eliminate manual secondary trimming.
  • Vertical type can connect with other vertical machines as production line.

Tell me your production demands, we will give you the best Glass Film Lamination Machine solution!

What Max. size of glass can be processed?

There is no limit to the length of the glass as long as the loading and unloading sections are long enough.

Regarding the processing Glass width, our standard models can be processed Max. 1000mm, Max.1200mm, Max.1600mm, Max.2000mm, and Max. 2500mm. If these sizes can not meet your demands, the machine can be made customized.

Do you have Vertical type Glass Film Lamination Machine?

Yes, we also produce the vertical type Glass Film Lamination Machine. The vertical Glass Film Applicator also can connect with IGU Production Line or Vertical Glass Washing Machine as a production line. 

The Vertical Glass Film Laminating Machine also includes manual cut models and auto cut-off models to meet different needs.

Can the Glass Film Lamination Machine can connect with other machines to use?

Yes, of course. The machines can connect with other machines to use as a production line. 

The working speed of the machine is adjustable. When used in connection, its working speed can be adjusted according to the processing speed of the connected equipment or transmission line.
It can also be used with 2 sets of Lamination Machines with special transmission lines, which can greatly improve the lamination speed and processing efficiency.

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