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Aluminium Punching & Drilling Machine

Aluminium Punching is an important process in the processing of aluminum profiles. Punch various mounting holes, edges and corners. Aluminum Drilling Machine to make holes on profile fast to improve the processing speed.

  • Hydraulic Aluminium Punching Machine: Adopts special hydraulic station with good heat dissipation and good sealed to ensure the long service time. Has different models for choosing.
  • Pneumatic Aluminium Punching Machine: Adopts Daul Air Cylinder to ensure the punching strength. No electric power required. Easy to operate.
  • Aluminium Drilling Machine: Single head type drill holes one by one. Multi head types can drill many holes in one time. Both of them can install Boring Head to drill very close holes or holes that are not in a straight line.

Aluminium Punching Machine can install different punching die. to meet different production demands. Aluminium Drilling Machine can supply different processing with different models.

Which kind of Aluminium Punching machines we can supply

According to the different uses of aluminum profiles, our Aluminium Punching machines for sale are mainly divided into three categories:
1. There are two types of Aluminium Punching for processing aluminum door and window profiles: pneumatic Aluminium Punching and hydraulic Aluminium Punching. The pneumatic puncher use double-connected air cylinders, with stable punching and low prices. The hydraulic Aluminium Punching has high pressure and can process long profiles
2. The Aluminium Punching for processing aluminum curtain wall profiles and some industrial aluminum materials are mainly hydraulic Aluminium Punching, which have high pressure and can install multiple sets of molds to reduce the time for mold replacement.
3. The Aluminium Punching machine for processing solar aluminum frame has a large worktable, and can install multiple sets of molds at one time to complete the punching of the entire profile at one time.

Which kind of Aluminium Drilling Machine we can supply

Aluminium Drilling Machine mainly include the following categories:
1. Multi-head Aluminium Drilling Machine for sell are with 4 heads Aluminium Drilling Machine, 6 heads ones, 8 heads ones, etc. The length of the drilling machine bed and the number of drill heads can be customized according to customer needs. Widely used in aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall processing and industrial aluminum processing
2. Single-head Aluminium Drilling Machine, there are two types: CNC Aluminium Drilling Machine and standard Aluminium Drilling Machine. Easier to drill close-up holes
3. The hinge combination Aluminium Drilling Machine is mainly used to drill the hinge mounting holes on the doors and windows frame, and complete the processing of all the holes on both sides at one time, with accurate processing and high efficiency

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